EuroPython 2015

Embedding Visualization Applications with PyGR

GR is an universal framework for cross-platform visualization applications. It offers developers a compact, portable and consistent graphics library for their programs. Its procedural graphics backend allows the presentation of continuous data streams. For object oriented environments such as graphical user interfaces a high level API has been implemented.

In this poster session, I will present PyGR, a companion module for GR that provides convenience functions for the interactive handling of real-time data, e.g. by zooming or panning. Using the QtGR module it is possible to easily integrate GR into GUI toolkits like Qt. It provides powerful widgets for 2D plotting and methods for embedding graphics into user interfaces based on PySide or PyQt.

However, PyGR is not limited to a specific toolkit. The system’s capabilities will be illustrated using concrete examples, e.g. NICOS, a network-based experiment and instrument control system used for neutron scattering experiments at FRM II in Munich.

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