EuroPython 2015

Financial Aid

As part of our commitment to the Python community, we are pleased to announce that we offer special grants for people in need of a financial aid to attend EuroPython. Please follow the instructions below to apply for a grant.


Financial aid is sponsored in part by:

Python Software Foundation (PSF)


We offer financial aid conference grants in these 3 categories:

  1. Ticket discount: Get 50% off of the conference ticket you've booked

  2. Free ticket: Get a standard ticket for the conference for free (including access to talks, trainings, sprints, etc.)

  3. Travel costs and accommodation: We will cover the travel costs pro rata, depending on what you are applying for. We can also cover the accommodation costs and facilitate the stay in a student house (see the "residence" section on our accommodation page).

Note: The social event is NOT included in the EuroPython 2015 conference tickets. You will have to purchase separate tickets if you want to attend the social event.


If you want to apply for Django Girls workshop attendee financial aid, please see their workshop page. They also use the EuroPython financial aid system for this, but manage their own budget.



Grant Eligibility

Our grants are open to all people in need of financial aid. We will specifically take into account the following criteria in the selection process:

  • Contributors: Potential speakers/trainers of EuroPython (people who submitted a proposal) and all who contribute to EuroPython and/or Python community projects.

  • Economic factors: We want everybody to have a chance to come to EuroPython, regardless of economic situation or income level.

  • Diversity: We seek the most diverse and inclusive event possible.

How to apply

Please note: The application deadline has already passed.

To apply send an email to containing:

  • Your personal details (full name, date of birth, gender, country of residence and affiliation) and your contact details (e-mail and Postal address)

  • Information for which category (1, 2 or 3, see above) you are applying and which costs you want to have covered

  • 1-page statement (no more than 300 words) about why you wish to attend EuroPython and why you need financial aid

  • An explicit acknowledgement that you have a solid quantitative estimate of travel costs to Bilbao, Spain, and

    • for categories 1 and 2: That you can afford them in case you are selected for financial aid

    • for category 3: What amount of the travel and accommodation costs you apply for and that you can afford the remaining costs yourself

  • An explicit acknowledgement that you know about the immigration rules to Spain that apply to you and that you are eligible for a traveling visa (if needed)


The financial aid committee is planning one decision round. The deadline for submitting the applications is May 31st (2015-05-31). Applicants will be notified by e-mail around June 15th (2015-06-15).

Refund management

All grants involving reimbursements will be reimbursed by cheque at the conference desk during the conference. You can cash the cheque at a local bank in Bilbao. Please bring a printout of your approval email together with an ID card, when requesting the reimbursement.

Reimbursements before or after the conference, or via other means such as cash or money transfers, are not possible, sorry.

The financial aid grants will only be made available to registered attendees actually attending the conference. Transfers to other people are not possible.

If you find that you cannot attend the conference for some reason, please send an email to informing us, so that we can allocate the funds to someone else. Thank you.