EuroPython 2015

Education Summit

We are proud to announce an educational summit at EuroPython 2015. This is being organized together with the Raspberry Pi Foundation:

EuroPython 2015 Education Summit


Education has always been an important topic for the Python community as Python was intended to be an easy, yet powerful, understandable language to be used by anyone.


With the rising interest from teachers and schools in educational tools, many of them running in Python, and in the use of Python for educational purposes it is just expected from the Python community to respond accordingly.

Rachel and Katie creating music with Sonic-Pi 2


So, in this year's Europython we are organizing an Education Summit Track with the collaboration of Raspberry Pi Foundation. There will be education focused talks (July 23), trainings (July 23, afternoon), birds of a feather to debate and also Education Sprints for the building of education focused projects during the weekend (July 25 and 26).

Reduced ticket prices for teachers and kids

Furthermore, in order to facilitate the attendance, we have reduced the ticket cost to student price for the teachers interested in the event. If you want to bring along kids, we have special coupons for them to reduce the price even further. Please write to our to request the coupons for kids.

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Spanish track

Also know that if you are eager to know more about the Python community but fear that the English language might be a problem, there will be special tracks in Spanish just for people like you.

We have prepared trainings for Tuesday, July 21st, and additional talks during Wednesday, July 22rd.


  • July 21 - Trainings in Spanish (including an introduction to Python)
  • July 22 - Talks in Spanish
  • July 23 - Education Summit Talks (English, all day) + Trainings (English, afternoon)
  • July 24 - relax, discuss, attend other conference talks
  • July 25 - Education Summit Sprints
  • July 26 - Education Summit Sprints

Registrations are open !

Teachers: Please register for a student ticket

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