EuroPython 2015

EuroPython 2015 Keynotes

We are proud to be able to present five interesting keynotes at this year's EuroPython:

Guido van Rossum -
Python now and in the future

Guido van Rossum

Guido, our Python BDFL, will be talking about the state of the Python community and Python's future direction, to then open up the stage to you, the EuroPython attendees, to ask questions.

Ola Sitarska, Ola Sendecka -
It's Dangerous To Go Alone, Take This: The Power of a Community

Ola Sitarska Ola Sendecka

Ola and Ola, the founders of Django Girls, will take you on a fantastic journey to the magical world of little Liz, who is totally enchanted by technology.

Carrie Anne Philbin -
Designed for Education: A Python Solution

Carrie Anne Philbin

Carrie Anne is working as Education Pioneer at the Raspberry Pi Foundation and will share her thoughts on how we could make Python and its eco-system better to have Python become the premier language of choice for teaching computer science.

Holger Krekel -
Towards a more effective, decentralized web

Holger Krekel

Holger, the author of the well-known pytest testing framework and co-founder the PyPy project, will introduce us to new developments in creating decentralized web structures, based on techniques which have been made popular in recent years by tools such as bittorrent and git.

Mandy Waite -
So, I have all these Docker containers, now what?

Mandy Waite

Mandy is a Developer Relations Engineer at Google, working on making the cloud more approachable for us developers. She will take us on a tour of Kubernetes, an open source tool to help with Docker container herding and orchestration.