EuroPython 2015

EuroPython Conference

The EuroPython conference series was initiated by the European Python community in 2001 and started with EuroPython 2002 in Charleroi, Belgium, as the first major Python conference entirely run by volunteers.

Since then we’ve come a long way.

EuroPython Organization

Today's EuroPython conferences are run by a collaboration between on-site teams and the EuroPython Workgroups, which are embedded into the EuroPython Society (EPS), the organization behind the EuroPython conference series and legal owner of the trademark.

This year, the conference was run by:

If you'd like to more about how EuroPython is run, please consider attending the session EuroPython 2016: Help us build the next edition! which will provide a short introduction.

Please also see the other "EuroPython" menu entries for additional references.

Participate in the Organization

There are two ways to participate in the EuroPython organization:

  • as EuroPython Society (EPS) member: any EuroPython attendee can become EPS member.
  • as EuroPython Workgroup member: please see the workgroup page for how to apply (you don't have to be EPS member to participate in the EuroPython Workgroups).

If you have questions, please write to