EuroPython 2015

Social Event

EuroPython Pyntxos Night



On Wednesday evening, it will be time to dress up. We are organizing a EuroPython Conference Dinner in the Hotel Ercilla Lobby from 20:00 to 22:00. We will serve pintxos, soft drinks, wine, beer and cocktails.

Pintxos are a typical snack of the Basque Country and Navarre, "pinchos" consist of small slices of bread upon which an ingredient or mixture of ingredients is placed and fastened with a toothpick, which gives the food its name "pincho". Pinchos can be very sophisticated, sometimes consisting of very elaborate fish, seafood, or meat.

The cocktail dinner will be accompanied by Jazz music.

After dinner, at around 22:00, the lobby will turn into the EuroPython Club with DJ and live music.

Please note: The social event is not included in the conference ticket!

Tickets for the social event will be available on the registration form at a price of 40€ (both dinner and party). We have 600 tickets available, so book early if you want to be sure to get a ticket.

In the unlikely event, that we don't sell out all tickets, we are planing to add an option to buy tickets just for the party, with a reduced rate, one week before the conference or during the conference.



  • Where:  Hotel Ercilla Lobby 

  • When: Wednesday, July 22nd at 20:00 CEST

  • Price: 40€

  • Schedule:

    • Cocktail dinner will start at 20h

    • Party will start around 22h

    • Free drinks and cocktails for everyone until 24h

  • Dress code: casual

  • Music:

    • Seïn 2.0 Sax Quartert

    • Hego Haizea Chacarera

    • Dj Zigor DZ

  • Menu:

Cold pyntxos

Surtido de ibéricos de Guijuelo - Dish with fresh iberian pork products

Tostas de minibilbaíno con su huevo de codorniz, espárrago, langostino y mayonesa - Bruschetta with quail egg, aspargus, shrimp and mayonnaise

Mini ensalada de Ventresca de Atún confitada en casa con Piperrada - Small salad with pickled tuna and peppers

Cucharita de Codorniz escabechada por nosotros - A small spoon of pickled quail

Nuestras gildas - Typical pintxo with green pepper, olive and anchovies


Chupito al Gusto - "Small shot" (non-alcoholic)


Hot pyntxos

Las auténticas Patatas Bravas - Fried potatos with hot sauce rosee

Champiñones ali oli gratinados - Grilled champignon with ali oli

Choricitos a la Sidra - Grilled small chorizo on cider

Merluzitas crujientes en tempura de Panko - Crunchy hake in Panko tempura

Pequeño revuelto de Pisto con Bacalao al estilo Sidrería - Scrambled eggs with codfish and vegetables

Nuestras Croquetas Caseras - Home-made croquettes

Tiras de Pollo Teriyaki - Teriyaki chicken stripes




Relampagos de Crema con chocolate - Cream lightnings with chocolate

Mini Carolina - Mini "carolina"

Bizcocho de frambuesa y nata - Strawberry and whipped cream cake




White wine Rueda

Red wine Rioja

Rose wine


Non-alcoholic beverages




DJ and Jazz bands (to be confirmed)


Information for parents

  • Parents can bring their children to the event
  • Rates for children have to be confirmed
  • Parents are fully responsible for their children at all times. The organizers cannot be held liable for their well-being.