EuroPython 2015

EuroPython Volunteers

EuroPython is organized and run by volunteers from the Python community, but we're only a few and need your help to make the show run as smoothly as possible, so we'd appreciate more help from the EuroPython attendees, if possible.

This page explains some of the tasks we have available for you.

In return, we also have a number of perks for you...

How to sign up

  • Register by filling out the volunteer registration form
  • Come to one of the kick off meeting on Sunday July 19th at 2pm or 5pm or Monday July 20th at 11am at the conference venue
  • Pick your shifts at the kick off meetings (first come, first served)
  • Shifts are available from Sunday, July 19th - Sunday, July 26 and 1.5 to 2 hours each

Perks for volunteers

  • Volunteers will be eligible for student house rooms we have available and can use their compensation to pay for these; we will send out an email to the registered volunteers with more details
  • Get an awesome EuroPython Volunteer T-Shirt that you can keep and show off to your friends :-)
  • Show your EuroPython support to the Python community (by wearing your exclusive T-Shirt)
  • The perks are available at the conference desk

Volunteer Information

These are the shifts for talk and room managers and the guidelines for these tasks.

Please have a look. We still need quite a few volunteers to help ! Ask for Christian, Raul or Fabio they will have a nice green T-shirt.

Summary of tasks

Conference Desk

  • Answer lots of questions
  • Handle financial aid and speaker refunds (via check)
  • Help with partner program, social event tickets, workshops, etc.
  • Help with print outs, lost items, calls, etc.
  • Good English skills are mandatory
  • This job involves a lot of talking and smiling (or nerves of steel)

Registration Desk

  • Hand out registration badges
  • Check student IDs
  • Register On-Desk tickets and day passes
  • Answer general questions
  • This job involves a lot of talking

T-Shirt and Swag Bag Desk

  • Hand out the confernce bags and t-shirts
  • This job involves standing and lifting light items

Session Chairing

  • Help speakers in preparing their notebooks for the talks
  • Introduce the speakers to the audience
  • Signal time left to the speakers
  • Make sure talks are finished on time
  • Moderate Q&A session and help with passing around microphones
  • This job involves speaking in front of poeple and moderation


  • Only visitors with a valid badge are allowed at the conference
  • Watch the entrance and be kind to strangers
  • This job involves standing and answering some questions

Set Up/Tear Down

  • Helping hands are needed to set up the stage before the conference starts (Sunday afternoon before the conference and Monday morning)
  • Also on the last day (Friday afternoon for the main conference, Sunday for the sprints) to clear up the venue afterwards.
  • This job involves walking and carry items

Ad-hoc Activities

  • There are always some tasks which we simply cannot plan beforehand:
    • moving chairs, tables, or poster walls,
    • guiding groups between the two venues,
    • arranging transfers between venue and airport, etc.
  • Please leave your contact details with the support work group, so that we can contact you in case necessary.

More information

Why be a EuroPython Volunteer ?

  • To help the EuroPython organizers keep the conference affordable for everyone
  • Show your EuroPython support to the Python community (by wearing your exclusive T-Shirt)
  • Get a huge applause during the closing session of the conference
  • Save on accommodation by getting access to student house rooms at reduced rates
  • Refinance your conference ticket

How much work is involved ?

  • Shifts are 1.5 to 2 hours each
  • You can sign up to any number of them.
  • Assignment is done at the kick off meetings (see below)
  • We are planing to have refunds and other goodies for volunteers who invest more than just a few hours. Watch this space for updates !

What kind of qualifications do I need ?

  • You should be able to speak some English and perhaps also some Spanish.
  • If you speak additional languages, even better. Please let us know.
  • Already have video skills ? Sign up for video shifts. You may even be able to follow the talks.
  • Have time between two talks ? Then why not spend it as EuroPython Volunteer ?

Kick off meetings

  • There will be volunteer kick off meetings on Sunday July 19th at 2pm and 5pm. There we introduce you to the team, to the venue and to the different tasks. You will be able to pick your slots at these meetings (first come, first served)
  • If you miss the first kick off, there will be another on Monday July 20th at 11am
  • Don't worry, if needed, one of the organizers will always be around to help
  • You HAVE TO attend at least one of the kick off meetings !
  • Please contact our for any other information you may need.