EuroPython 2015

Mobile Schedule (Guidebook)

If you are not at your notebook, you might want to follow and organize your EuroPython conference attendance using the guide we have created using the Guidebook app for the EuroPython 2015 conference.

This allows you to have the full schedule and many other useful details and communication features right on your mobile phone:

We will regularly issue updates to the guidebook when there are changes in schedule.

Available for all platforms

This is available in several flavors:

The native apps have the advantage of allowing to use the guidebook in offline mode.

Once you have the Guidebook app installed, search for "EuroPython 2015" and download the guide.

If you're more into quick setups, you can use the following QR codes for the installation.

Guidebook App QR Code

This code will direct you to the Guidebook app listing in the App Store (iOS), Play Store (Android), or the mobile web version, depending on which type of phone you use:

Guidebook Download QR Code

This code is for the EuroPython 2015 guide itself. Once you have the Guidebook app installed, you can use its scanning feature to download the guide.

Nice Features of the App

  • Maps of the venue
  • Full schedule
  • Create your personal schedule (My Schedule)
  • Watch Twitter updates and tweet right in the guidebook
  • Contact other attendees who have sign in to the guidebook
  • Useful information (Contacts, CoC, FAQ, City Infos, etc.)
  • Offline use (for the native apps)