EuroPython 2015

TDD is not about tests!

TDD is not about tests! Well, actually, it’s not a about writing tests, or writing them before the code. This talk will show you how to use tests to really drive development by transforming business requirements into tests, and allowing your code to come as their natural consequence.

Too often this key aspect is neglected and the result is that tests and code are somehow “disconnected”. The code is not as short and efficient as it could be, and the tests are not as effective. Refactoring is not always easy, and over time all sorts of issues start to come out of the surface.

However, we will show that when TDD is done properly, tests and code merge beautifully into an organic whole that fulfills the business requirements, and provides all sorts of advantages: your code is minimal, easy to amend and extend, readable, clean. Your tests will be effective, short and focused, and allow for light-hearted refactoring and excellent coverage.

We will provide enough information and examples to spark the curiosity of the novice, and satisfy the need of a deeper insight for the intermediate, and help you immediately benefit from this transformative technique that is still often underestimated and misunderstood.


in on Tuesday 21 July at 14:30 See schedule


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