EuroPython 2015

Through the lens of Haskell: exploring new ideas for library design

Haskell is very different from Python, and provide different tools to library and framework designers. As a result, its ecosystem is filled with libraries and frameworks that solve the same problems we try to solve in our favorite programming languages, but with a very different approach.

This talk is an exploration of the Haskell ecosystem, from the point of view of a Python developer. We will review various popular Haskell libraries and frameworks, focusing on the library design. The goal is to provide the audience a sneak peak of some different ways to tackle problems, and hopefully to inspire library authors to explore some design space that we don’t usually explore in Python.

This talk should be interesting to any intermediate Python programmer who is curious about other ways to solve problems. No Haskell knowledge is required from the audience.

in on Thursday 23 July at 15:45 See schedule


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