EuroPython 2015

Georges Dubus

Georges Dubus
Researcher among the engineers, engineers among the researchers
Technical interests
NixOS, Haskell, Pyramid
Axa Data Innovation Lab
Job title
Data Software Engineer
Sito web
Compact biography

I work Axa Data Innovation Lab in Paris as a Data Software Engineer, which is a fancy term to say that I work on tooling and data processing systems to support Data Scientists. I recently finished a PhD in computer science (in AI), and I keep my researcher hat around to have a different perspective on problems.

I like discovering new languages and technologies: I especially enjoy writing in Haskell, but Python is the language I always come back to. I contribute to the NixOS project, and coach in outreach programs such as Django Girls and Django Carrots as much as I can.

From time to time, I waste a complete afternoon on one of Paradox's grand strategy game.