EuroPython 2015

Django Girls Workshop

Django Girls is a free, one-day workshop for women who are new to programming. During the workshop, our participants will learn how to build their first Web application using Python, Django, HTML, and CSS. Participants were selected in advance for the workshop, and our coaches are all EuroPython attendees who volunteered to mentor the participants through the process.

This year’s workshop is organized by Mikey Ariel and Petr Viktorin, with support from the Django Girls global organization. Since the first Django Girls workshop was held at EuroPython 2014, this workshop also marks our first birthday! After the workshop, we will operate a booth in collaboration with PyLadiesES throughout the conference, so come say hello!

Official website:

Twitter: @DjangoGirlsEP15

in on Monday 20 July at 11:00 See schedule
in on Monday 20 July at 14:30 See schedule

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