EuroPython 2015

Designing a scalable and distributed application

One of the key aspect to keep in mind when developing a scalable application is its faculty to grow easily. But while we’re used to take advantage of scalable backend technologies such as mongodb or couchbase, scaling automatically our own application core is usually another story.

In this talk I will explain and showcase a distributed web application design based on consul and uWSGI and its consul plugin. This design will cover the key components of a distributed and scalable application:

  • Automatic service registration and discovery will allow your application to grow itself automatically.

  • Health checking and service unregistration will allow your application to be fault tolerant, highly available and to shrink itself automatically.

  • A distributed Key/Value storage will allow you to (re)configure your distributed application nodes at once.

  • Multi-Datacenter awareness will allow your application to scale around the world easily.

Slides of this talk are available here !

in on Wednesday 22 July at 15:15 See schedule


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