EuroPython 2015

To the Clouds: Why you should deploy to the cloud even if you don't want to

Do you deploy your Python services to Amazon EC2, or to Openstack, or even to HP cloud, joyent or Azure? Do you want to - without being tied into any one of them? What about local full stack deployments with lxc or kvm containers?

Even if you’re convinced you don’t need “the cloud” because you manage your own servers, amazing technologies like Private clouds and MaaS, for dynamic server management on bare metal, may change your mind.

Fed up with the cloud hype? Let us rehabilitate the buzzword! (A bit anyway.)

A fully automated cloud deployment system is essential for rapid scaling, but it’s also invaluable for full stack testing on continuous integration systems. Even better, your service deployment and infrastructure can be managed with Python code? (Devops distilled)

Treat your servers as cattle not as pets, for service oriented repeatable deployments on your choice of back-end. Learn how service orchestration is a powerful new approach to deployment management, and do it with Python! If any of this sounds interesting then Juju maybe for you!

In this talk we’ll see a demo deployment for a Django application and related infrastructure. We’ll be looking at the key benefits of cloud deployments and how service orchestration is different from the “machine provisioning” approach of most existing cloud deployment solutions.

in on Tuesday 21 July at 11:45 See schedule


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