EuroPython 2015

The Python Compiler

The Python compiler Nuitka has evolved from an absurdly compatible Python to C++ translator into a statically optimizing Python compiler. The mere peephole optimization is now accompanied by full function/module level optimization, with more to come, and only increased compatibility.

Witness local and module variable value propagation, function in-lining with suitable code, and graceful degradation with code that uses the full Python power. (This is considered kind of the break through for Nuitka, to be finished for EP.) No compromises need to be made, full language support, all modules work, including extension modules, e.g. PyQt just works.

Also new is a plugin framework that allows the user to provide workarounds for the standalone mode (create self contained distributions), do his own type hinting to Nuitka based on e.g. coding conventions, provide his own optimization based on specific knowledge.

Ultimately, Nuitka is intended to grow the Python base into fields, where performance is an issue, it will need your help. Scientific Python could largely benefit from future Nuitka. Join us now.

in on Monday 20 July at 14:30 See schedule


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