EuroPython 2015

The current state & the future of Plone

Over the last fourteen years, Plone has had a remarkable journey: from just a wild idea by a few people to create a CMS which would combine the best technology with a vision of beauty and power to the reality of today: Plone is actively used by companies, governments, universities, nonprofits and other organizations of all sizes around the world.

Yet the vision behind it has stayed consistent. The Plone community chooses technology not for the sake of technology, but because it best solves the problems at hand. We value reliability, security and long-term stability, yet the community is agile enough to adapt where needed.

The poster will showcase Plone 5, a major new release which is a solid foundation for the challenges of today, while providing a good upgrade path for earlier versions. It can be used right away for installations of all sizes, but it is also flexible enough to serve as basis for specialized use cases. But we do not stop there; the Plone community is already looking further into the future. In spring 2015, we have developed our roadmap forward into a future where themes like mobile-first play a much more important role. Plone will open up it’s core strengths like rock-solid workflows, security, standards-compliance and multilingual support to modern ways of presenting these. And with Mosaic and other advances we put power - and fun! -, firmly into the hands of the users that want to create beautiful sites and applications.

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