EuroPython 2015

TDD - the why, the how and the when not

TDD is great, we all know that. But why is it so, and under which circumstances is it ineffective or even harmful?

In this talk I want to delve into the deeper meaning of testing to derive how to do it best. All of this from the point of view of somebody who has profited but also struggled with testing and TDD.

For every experience level from beginner to advanced there is something to learn or ponder.

in on Thursday 23 July at 11:00 See schedule



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    Hi Fabian. Could you give us a taster of when TDD is _not_ worth doing?
    — Rob Collins,
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    Any technique from manual testing to rigorous TDD is a solution to some problem but it creates new costs and sometimes the circumstances are too bad for it to be profitable.
    I get the feeling that if I'm not as successful in testing as others are, then I'm not doing it extreme enough.
    In this talk I will list aspects that make testing in general and TDD in particular frustrating and so rather lead to abandonment instead of improvement.
    — Fabian Kreutz,

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