EuroPython 2015

Taking the pain out of passwords and authentication

Passwords are a pain for us all - programmers, users and admins alike. How can we reduce that pain, or eliminate it entirely?

This talk will

  • Review research into techniques that improve the usability of password systems, and mitigate shortcomings
  • Introduce the new standards Universal Authentication Framework (UAF) & Universal Second Factor (U2F)
  • Describe how they streamline authentication, even eliminate passwords entirely
  • Show how to integrate UAF/U2F in Django and other Python frameworks
  • Summarize the state of support for UAF & U2F in browsers, devices, and the wider world
  • <del>Introduce Sonipass - a project to replace passwords, even on existing websites</del>


in on Thursday 23 July at 15:15 See schedule



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