EuroPython 2015

Sponsored massage training, in aid of the Python Software Foundation

At some previous EuroPythons, I have taken advantage of people, while eating their food at the conference dinner, to extract money. But don’t worry, it’s all been in a good cause: in aid of the Python Software Foundation, which defends the intellectual property of the Python language, and supports Python conferences. We are well represented in the list of the top PSF donors:

  • “53”. EuroPython 2013 Sponsored Massage
  • “278”. EuroPython 2012 Sponsored Massage
  • “499”. EuroPython 2011 Sponsored Massage
  • “572”. EuroPython 2010 Sponsored Massage
  • “1331”. EuroPython Conference Dinner (sponsored massage)

In the early days, I could reasonably visit most tables, offering a shoulder massage in return for a donation. But now, there are too many diners, and not enough hands to do this on my own! I need lots of help:

  • Doing neck and shoulder massage
  • Collecting money in a wine bucket
  • Counting and bagging the money
  • Exchanging multiple currencies and getting it into the PSF account
  • Feeling good that you’re doing something for the Python community

What do you need to join in? For everything apart from the massage, common sense, honesty and a sense of humour! Given these, I will be running a short massage workshop. Learn how to relax your own neck and shoulders, with fewer headaches, and less stress from hours spent crouching over a laptop. Then find out the essentials of massaging someone else’s neck, shoulders and back for three to four minutes. Become a more valuable member of your work team back home. Help others to relax!


  1. You don’t need to have particularly strong thumbs and fingers (elbows make a good substitute). But you do need to be not afraid of touching people. Massage is not tickling!
  2. Lack of embarrassment about asking for money. More people will pay not to have a massage, than to be massaged – and that’s OK!
  3. Join in!

If you’d rather not give a massage to diners/donors, no problem: there are lots of other ways to help. But at least you need to join fully in the workshop, so that you experience something of what we’ll be asking money for. A workshop means no onlookers – all participants!

in on Tuesday 21 July at 16:45 See schedule

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