EuroPython 2015

Reahl: The Python-only web framework

Reahl is a full-featured web framework with a twist: with Reahl you write a web application purely in Python. HTML, JavaScript, CSS and all those cumbersome web technologies (and a few other lower level concerns) are hidden away from you. As far as web frameworks go this is truly a paradigm shift: away from the cobwebs of all the different web technologies, template languages and low-level details – towards being able to focus on the goals at hand instead, using a single language.

In this talk I will give you a brief idea of what Reahl is all about: why it is worthwhile doing, how it works, where we are and what still needs to be done. I hope to convince you that this is an important direction for web frameworks, and of how unique Reahl is. Developing such an abstract framework is an ambitious goal. I’d like to convey the message that what we have achieved so far, and the strategy lessons learnt along the way demonstrate this goal to be realistic and practical.

in on Thursday 23 July at 14:30 See schedule


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