EuroPython 2015

MongoBoard - A MongoDB replica set manager

Mongo-Board is a project focused on offering/building a graphical user interface to MongoDB replica set management and core-processes operations. The functionality is provided in two forms: a standalone core library that provides automation over MongoDB administrative operations and the Mongo-Board UI. A showcase in the form of an educational tool of its underlying library’s possible usage where users can interact with a MongoDB cluster to perform various actions and view a log of all commands executed.

Core features includes:

-MongoDB Instance Management - connect to multiple remote servers, start/stop database instances, import/export database data

-Replica Set Management - deploy, configure and maintain replica sets

First, we developed a solution completely in PHP and currently we are in the middle of porting the back-end library into Python. I want to present our experience with MongoDB and discuss the architecture, challenges, solutions and open questions.

The poster will pose an interest to people passionate about client-server architecture, MongoDB management, administration and monitoring of processes, automation, as well as educational tools.

Article detailing some aspects of our initial project

Video showcase

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