EuroPython 2015

Full Stack + DevOps using Pyramid, Buildout and Docker

This training is about how to keep all your software stack under control using mainly Python technologies.

We will run some full stack deployment examples using things like Pyramid, Buildout, Ansible and Docker.

We will try to apply the Zen of Python into our DevOps infrastructure in order to make happy all stakeholders in your company/organization.

The session is divided in two sections, the first one we will cover full stack development strategies, and we will discuss subjects like design patterns, code organization and web servers, among others. We will compare how other “de facto” or “enterprise” technologies in the industry are doing.

In the second part we will see how to prepare your application and power your deployments using Docker containers ( and Buildout (

Each part of the training session is accompanied by runnable source code and documentation.


Source Code:

Docker container: aaguirre/ep2015

in on Wednesday 22 July at 14:30 See schedule
in on Wednesday 22 July at 14:30 See schedule


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    What's the exact format of the training ? Presentation only or active
    participation by the attendees ?
    If attendees participate (that is: work hands-on on their own machines):
    Please give detailed requirements (OS, additional software/python modules
    needed etc) and installation hints ! Otherwise you lose half of the training
    just setting up the environment for all participants ;-).
    — Oliver Thieke,
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    Thanks Oliver for your comment!. Unfortunately I just read it today...

    I will give more details about the training later (if this is accepted), but essentially the idea is to reduce as much as possible the setup of the environment. My idea is to have people working in pairs , connected to running docker containers with all the dependencies installed. (source + libraries)

    — Alvaro Aguirre,

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