EuroPython 2015

Extending and embedding Ansible with Python

Video here :-) Slides here

Ansible is the new cool kid in town in the configuration management world. It is easy to learn, fast to setup and works great! In the first part of the talk, I will do a super-fast introduction to Ansible for the newcomers.

If you are a Pythonista, you can hack and leverage Ansible in many ways. In the second part of the talk, I will describe some options to extend and embed Ansible with Python:

  • Embedding Ansible with the Python API
  • Extending Ansible: creating modules, dynamic inventory scripts and plugins

Previous experience with Ansible is advised in order to get the most of this talk, but beginners to the tool will also get an overview of the capabilities of this kind of integration.

There is also a teaser video.

in on Thursday 23 July at 11:00 See schedule


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