EuroPython 2015

Everyone can do Data Science in Python

Data Science is a hot topic, and most data scientist use either Python or R to do their jobs as main scripting language. Being data scientist for the last 2 years, all of them using Python, I’ve come across many different problems and needs on how to wrangle data, clean data, report on it and make predictions. In this talk I will cover all main analytics and data science needs of a start-up using Python, numpy, pandas, and sklearn. For every use case I will show snippets of code using IPython notebooks and run some of them as live demos.

in on Monday 20 July at 12:30 See schedule



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    Hey, is it possible to share ipython notebooks for this presentation?
    — Александр Чекунков,
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    Yes, I do intend to share the material. I'll try to do so tomorrow.
    — Ignacio Elola,

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