EuroPython 2015

Demystifying Mixins with Django

Mixins are a great way to keep an application decoupled. This talk is about building mixins and dissecting what’s behing the mixin “magic” and that, in fact, there is no magic involved at all. The main focus will be on Django framework while digging into mixins. When using Django class-based views, mixins feel very natural.

Goal: by the end of this talk, every developer should be confident about creating his or her own custom mixins.

Prerequisites: - basic understanding of OOP principles and their application in Python - Django web framework

Generally mixins in Python are pretty straight-forward, easy to create and use. Nevertheless a lot of developers stay away from them. I think attendees of this talk will be interested to learn that mixins are not that complex and their benefit is tremendous.

in on Friday 24 July at 12:30 See schedule


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