EuroPython 2015

Beyond the basics with Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch has many use cases, some of them fairly obvious and widely used, like plain searching through documents or analytics. In this talk I would like to go through some of the more advanced scenarios we have seen in the wild. Some examples of what we will cover:

Trend detection - how you can use the aggregation framework to go beyond simple “counting” and make use of the full-text properties of Elasticsearch.

Percolator - percolator is reversed search and many people use it as such to drive alerts or “stored search” functionality for their website, let’s look at how we can use it to detect languages, geo locations or drive live search.

If we end up with some time to spare we can explore some other ideas about how we can utilize the features of a search engine to drive non-trivial data analysis including Geo-enabled search with relevancy.

in on Friday 24 July at 11:00 See schedule


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