EuroPython 2015

Argus - the omniscient CI

Bring the continuous integration to a new level, through a platform/project independent framework able to give you unittest-like reports. Argus is a scenario-based application written in Python, driven by custom recipes under configurable environments, that can be used for testing a wide variety of small and big projects, with the ability of querying live data from the in-test application.

Until now, it’s successfully used with cloudbase-init (a robust cloud initialization service for instances) under OpenStack and not only, due to its extensiveness and the ability to mimic different infrastructures. More details can be found on the package page:

The goals of this talk are to show its generic scalability, how simple is to create such kind of recipes, the relationship between scenarios, introspection and tests and, but not last, the unlimited freedom of creating very custom aspects of these entities which lead to relevant and in-depth ready for analysis logs. There are no major prerequisites to understand it, just to be familiar with Python and optionally have a focus on cloud infrastructures.

in on Tuesday 21 July at 12:30 See schedule



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