EuroPython 2015

Raphael Pierzina

Raphael Pierzina
Open Source Enthusiast, Python Developer, Git Maintainer, Technical Reviewer.
Technical interests
Cookiecutter, Git, Vim, tdd, open-source, PyQt, pytest, Kivy
Mackevision Medien Design GmbH
Job title
Development Lead
Sito web
Compact biography

Raphael Pierzina is currently working as a Python Development Lead at Mackevision ( based in Germany. He is overseeing the development of a standalone application which defines and manages complex configuration logic data sets for data-based visualization. Amongst his supervision tasks of code reviewing and Git repository management he also often contributes to the code base of the application.

Raphael is a Core Developer of Cookiecutter ( and contributor to qutebrowser ( He acted as Technical Reviewer on a book on Kivy and occasionally posts on his personal blog (