EuroPython 2015

James Robinson

James Robinson
Geeky Ex-Teacher
Technical interests
education, python3, raspberrypi, pygame
Raspberry Pi Foundation
Job title
Education Developer
Sito web
Compact biography

I'm a computer science graduate, experienced teacher and technology enthusiast. I've been teaching in UK schools for close to 10 years. primarily maths, science and computing. I've always been an advocate of teaching students about programming, robotics and generally having fun with tech. Most recently since 2012 I've been teaching students computing using python and Raspberry PI as part of their GCSE.

I believe in inspiring kids about technology and computing through exciting and engaging projects that incorporate maths and engineering as well as programming. Projects that I've run for Pupils include a First Lego League team, a High altitude Balloon Flight and using a Raspberry Pi weather station to teach aspects of Python.

Over the last few years I've been working with groups such as CAS to deliver training to support teachers moving from ICT to Computer Scicence. I've worked as a Specialist Leader of Education (SLE) for a local teaching school delivering training around computing.

I'm a "Raspberry Pi Certified Educator" and have recently left teaching to join the Raspberry Pi education team, where our aim is to further computing (and related subjects) education.