EuroPython 2015

Ignasi Fosch

Ignasi  Fosch
Sysadmin with a developer soul
Technical interests
Golang, Operations, flask, Monitoring, chef, docker, ansible, security, clustering, terminal, machine-learning, servers, architecture, DevOps, community, automation, linux, communication, cloud, AngularJS, unit-testing, Virtualization, concurrency, fun, databases, humor, system-administration, bdd, tdd, command-line, webcrawling, networks, ipython_notebook, code, conferences, asyncio, infrastructure, fabric, elasticsearch
Job title
Systems Engineer
Sito web
Compact biography

I've been loving coding since I was a child, what become a great advantage to be a sysadmin. Having worked with some languages, I landed on Python five years ago, and started using it as much as possible. Interested in improving coding knowledge among fellow sysadmins, I started organizing coding dojos with some friends, choosing Python for its simplicity, cleanness, and power. After sharing this with the pyBCN group, we decided to collaborate bootstrapping coding dojos for the Python community in Barcelona.

Ignasi Fosch’s Talks