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Kyran Dale

Kyran Dale
Kyran Dale Ltd.
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Data-visualisation developer
Sito web
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A jobbing programmer, ex research-scientist, recreational hacker, independent researcher, occasional entrepreneur, cross-country runner and improving jazz pianist. I live most of the year in sunny (as Paris) Brighton, UK. During 15 odd years as a research scientist I hacked a lot of code, learned a lot of libraries and settled on some favourite tools. These days I find Python, Javascript and a little C++ goes a long way to solving most problems out there. I specialize in fast-prototyping and feasibility studies, with an algorithmic bent but am happy to just build cool things.

Data-visualisation for the web is my current passion, using a toolchain composed of Python libraries like Scrapy, Pandas, Flask etc. and Javascript big-hitter visualisation libraries, primarily D3.