EuroPython 2015

Anna Kierczyńska

Anna Kierczyńska
Business SuperHero
Technical interests
management, IT, agile, kanban, scrum
Poznan, Poland
STX Next Sp. z o.o.
Job title
Marketing & Communications Specialist
Sito web
Compact biography

I am young and I am ambitious. I work at STX Next for 4 years (started when I was 19). My IT career path started with being QA - I've got familiar with banking, medical and social sectors projects. Then I realized that I do love managing and it's more fascinating than just testing - I can be more helpful for my team by dealing with client. After my Bachelor's Degree (Marketing specialisation) I decided to study my Master Degree (Enterprise Management) & Postgraduated studies (IT Project Management) and work full-time at once!:) It wasn't easy, but I made it. That time I was in a banking project and I had hard job to do - implement Scrum to my team (it wasn't easy! You should imagine the waterfall banking management!). I've got strong Agile experience and I still use it in my everyday work. I left from Polish project to Marketing, because I wanted to work in English (improve my language skills, work abroad). Last year STX Next noted a lot of successes in a marketing field (e.g. won the biggest Polish EB competition EB-Kreator) and I know that a lot of this success it was thanks to my team. I feel like I'm fulfilled in my professional way and I don't stop, just moving forward to be a better person and a better specialist.

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