EuroPython 2015

PSF Meeting

EuroPython Meeting of the Python Software Foundation

Members and non-members are invited to this EuroPython meeting of the PSF! Please join us for some updates from the PSF board.

Topics covered will include: the new PSF membership model and qualifications for voting membership; PSF Working Groups, what they are doing, and how to start a Working Group; recent board decisions relating to member communications; other PSF news and projects; member Q&A and discussion.

Lynn Root (vice-chair/president elect of the PSF Board) will be chairing this EuroPython edition of the PSF meeting. Also attending will be PSF board members Marc-Andre Lemburg, Carrie Anne Philbin, and Naomi Ceder (board 2nd vice-chair). Meeting Agenda July 2015

in on Thursday 23 July at 18:00 See schedule
in on Thursday 23 July at 18:00 See schedule

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