EuroPython 2015

Abraham Martin

Abraham Martin
Technical interests
Git, IoT, vm, Rails, software design, analytics, api, multi-threading, AWS, authentication, Jinja2, architecture, infrastructure, scrum, systems architecture, automation, html5, Microservices, continuous-integration, django, ansible, Virtualization, best-practices
Cambridge, UK
University of Cambridge
Job title
Software Engineer
Sito web
Compact biography

I'm a software engineer working for the University of Cambridge central IT services ( I've been most of my career a Java and Ruby developer but a year ago I started to work full time in a long term python/django project. After finishing my PhD in Computer Science and a further postdoc job in the University of Cambridge I joined their central IT service department . Here I work developing several services and applications, among them, the new Managed Web Service, a VM (aka cloud) hosting service for the rest of the university.